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Our blog commemorates the history of broadcasting from the Golden Age of Radio to the Early Days of Television. We cover the people and stations who made history especially those from the Cincinnati area.

24-page booklet booklet for WKRC on a early television production system built by RCA

Television Robots

September 7, 2013

You might not have noticed, but your local television station may have already automated its live studio broadcasts. If not, they probably will in the coming years. Thanks to technological advancements, television stations have installed remote controlled cameras and other equipment for their studio-based news and sports programs. The purpose,... Continue Reading »

Sound effects guys at work doing a live old time radio broadcast

Sound Effects Guy: Don’t Call It Foley

August 23, 2013

This weekend, MH's Mike Martini and Mark Magistrelli will be performing live sound effects on stage for a radio recreation of a script entitled The Canterville Ghost for a Cincinnati theater company. It's the sixth production for Martini producing the sounds of doors closing, footsteps, thunderclaps, horse clops, etc., for... Continue Reading »

Ma Perkins (Virginia Payne) star of one of the first soap operas broadcast on WLW, NBC, and CBS

Happy Birthday, Ma Perkins

August 14, 2013

Ma Perkins was “born” at Cincinnati's WLW radio station on this date, August 14, 1933…80 years ago! The daily soap opera was a huge success and ran for over 7000-episodes, ending as one of the final group of dramas cancelled by CBS on November 26, 1960 (often called “the day... Continue Reading »

Jack Benny lost episodes DVD set

Jack Benny Rides Again

August 9, 2013

It’s not often when a DVD set comes out that falls smack-dab in the middle of the Media Heritage wheelhouse, but the new Jack Benny Program: The Lost Episodes set, by Shout Factory, is a set worthy of some fuss. The brain-child of Jack Benny Fan Club founder and leader... Continue Reading »

A acetate coated transcription disc getting ready to be pressed

New Hope for Old Media

July 28, 2013

Media Heritage is proud to be the repository of thousands of transcription discs—large, 16” diameter, acetate-coated recordings that were the primary, if not exclusive, recording media for radio in the 1930s and ‘40s. Many of the discs are in excellent condition, despite their age and the fact that they were... Continue Reading »

Richard "Red" Skelton a beloved comedian from the golden days of radio

Richard “Red” Skelton

July 18, 2013

100 years ago today (July 18th), Richard “Red” Skelton was born in Vincennes, Indiana. For many he occupies a niche of fond memories and sweet smiles. His television variety program in the 1960s was a must-see, weekly event in many households. How many remember, with glassy eyes, his closing comment... Continue Reading »

Roma Wine ad featuring Lucille Ball

Whatever happened to Roma Wines?

July 1, 2013

Fans of Mystery Playhouse and Suspense are no strangers to the sponsor Roma Wines. Have you ever wondered what became of Roma Wines? Schenley (the makers of Roma) were the sponsor of Suspense from December 02, 1943 to November 20, 1947. The familiar ads during Suspense boasted that the wine... Continue Reading »

Media Heritage's Mike Martini trying out the 1937 Crosley Xervac

Curing baldness in the 1930s

June 21, 2013

Recently, Media Heritage's Mike Martini acquired a 1937, a vintage device promoted as a cure for baldness. Powel Crosley Jr., who was follicly challenged himself, used the device every day. Fred Astaire reportedly had one and it's rumored that George Gershwin used one to ease headaches from his doomed bout... Continue Reading »

Marty Brennaman the legendary Cincinnati Reds broadcaster and winner of many broadcasting awards

Marty Brennaman

June 11, 2013

Our springtime look at Cincinnati Reds radio announcers of the past concludes with the longest tenured announcer—Marty Brennaman. Franchester Martin Brennaman was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1942. After graduating from the University of North Carolina in the mid-1960s, Brennaman got into broadcasting sports, including the 1970 Virginia Squires of... Continue Reading »

Joe Nuxhall, one half of the most famous Reds broascasting team of Marty and Joe

Joe Nuxhall

June 1, 2013

To say Joe Nuxhall is one of the most famous individuals ever affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds is an understatement. “Nuxy” was one of those personalities who enjoyed overwhelming popularity. That popularity seemed to increase as the years passed, even beyond his death November 15, 2007 at the age of... Continue Reading »